Monday, February 06, 2012

St Michaels in the snow

We woke this morning to find a winter wonderland in February!  The snow was crisp and deep, and had cleaned the air and the countryside into purity: I had to take my camera to church!  It was a little dark on the way up for the 8 am Eucharist, but the church lights looked very warm in the cold.  We were a merry little band who celebrated in Our Lady Chapel.

We expected that the Christingle Service may also be down on numbers, but parents pulled their various offspring up the hill on sledges and pelted each other with snowballs, all of which added to the fun of the occasion.  There were a good number of people wandering round church in their socked feet having taken off their boots!  A good orchestra even made it through the snow - although no cellos, as they are a tad difficult to throw on your back.  As soon as I've parents' permissions, I'll add some pics of the children looking (reasonably) angelic with their Christingle candles.

We celebrate Christingle in February rather than at Christmas for two reasons: the first is practical, for in the business of Advent and Christmas, Christingle and the collections for the Children's Society can get lost; the second ties in with the Church year for this is the closest Sunday to Candlemas, the celebration that marks the end of the Christmas/Epiphany season with the Presentation of the Christ child in the temple.

Unfortunately, Company on Sunday (our monthly meal for mature members) could not take place in its usual fashion since many of them had to stay home.  A few of us did gather, though, and invited others to come to the feast.  I and some of the other 'children' did line up outside to throw snowballs at Rev Derek as he left!

And now as I write the snow is falling from the yews like rain and I very much doubt the children will be able to enjoy another snowball fight: it's been a nice change from the norm.

Fr Anthony