Friday, May 17, 2013

Chrsitian Aid week, Unity Week, Songs from the Shows

It's been a busy week as ever at St Michael's.  I am half way through doing my Christian Aid collection - I always have to summon up my courage to go out and knock on doors but end up quite enjoying it.  I have done it for several years and know which houses to avoid and which will be welcoming and easy!  And it has been Unity week too, though I wasn't able to take part in that unfortunately.

And then we have Margaret and friends doing Songs from the Shows on Sunday as a tea time concert at 3.30pm - I am looking forward to the tea and cake.

Good to see so many children in Church last week - we were almost overrun, but in a good way, and there seem to be lots of baptisms taking place, so that is good.

And then it's the Parochial Church Council meeting on Monday  .............

Just a snapshot of what goes on in our busy Parish.