Sunday, April 01, 2012

Holy Week and Easter Preparations

There's just so much going on at the moment in the run up to Holy Week and our Easter celebrations. There was a good set of rehearsals yesterday for the plays we are putting on - the radio plays called The Man Born to be King by Dorothy L Sayers, written in the 1940's.

The first one is being performed this morning, Palm Sunday, and I hope it goes well. It's amazing and really quite impressive to see what voice acting talent we can produce from within our own congregation, and John Emmett has worked really hard and deserves many congratulations for masterminding and directing the whole thing. I am sure it is going to be quite moving.

The other three plays will be performed on Good Friday, and then the last one on Easter Sunday itself.

And meanwhile the Choir are busy getting ready for this evening's performance of Faure's Requiem, which is a beautiful and much loved work, and should be a good way to reflect on the events of this special day and to get ourselves ready to observe Holy Week and to celebrate Easter.

All this plus our usual round of services and other events, and then we are also preparing for our Festival in May and for saying farewell to Toby and Madi - it's a pretty busy time!

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