Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Toby's Trip to Belize

As mentioned in last week's newsletter, Toby and Madi returned from Belize last Monday and I spoke to Toby on Tuesday.  He claimed to be suffering from jetlag but sounded bright and jolly and any tiredness was certainly not apparent!

I asked him to forward to a few photos since I was sure that others in the congregation would like to see them so he's now emailed a few.  Most don't need any explanation (which is good, since Toby hasn't included any captions!)  Others, I have labelled according to what I can recall from our chat on the phone.

Toby and Madi send their best to all at St Michael's as they now truly begin their new life in Deal.


Upmarket accommodation ...  Toby and Madi borrowed a car and went exploring Belize for much of their time before returning to Belize City in time for the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the Anglican Cathedral.

Bed and breakfast on the beach ... Toby commented that the most difficult part of the holiday was mastering the art of clambering in and out of the hammock!

'Cave Tubing' 300 feet underground along a river in a rubber ring.

Zip wiring!

A bar in Belize.  The Belizean national bird is the Toucan however ... and he tells me he's brought one home and named it Lulu ... 

Hmm, not sure where this is but it looks beautiful!

Toby, Madi and the Bishop of Belize at the Festive Service to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Cathedral Church of St John the Baptist in Belize City.

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